Gaming channel coming in November

What started as a weekly gaming TV show on Bravo is soon to become its very own channel. Ginx, the team behind GameFace will launch this November, concentrating on game reviews with the hope of expanding into documentaries and reports about all aspects of gaming. Like GameFace, Ginx (the channel’s name as well as production team) will initially focus on mass-market games and their consumers who tend to come under the category of casual. Whether 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of casual content will lure the crowds in is yet to be seen. The hardcore crowd are those more likely to frequently tune in but then there are multiple websites and magazines that cater to them, giving Ginx a unique audience that, from the success of GameFace, is wanting of such a service. I hope it has a longer life than previous gaming shows/channels that get tucked away between questionable stations on satellite services. I’ve even forgotten their names but remember their slow demise!

Keep an eye out on Sky and Virgin come November when Ginx is set to go live. I wish them well.

{Thanks MCV}


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