Morrigan’s whereabouts discovered in final Dragon Age DLC

The last hurrah for Dragon Age: Origins DLC is coming September 7th (like another popular BioWare RPG) and deals with one character who left a lot of left a lot of questions behind. Morrigan. Set a year after the end of Dragon Age, Witch Hunt gives players the chance to confront Claudia Black’s vocal incarnation, hopefully revealing why she disappeared and what drove her to join your crew in the first place – other than being a cool team member.

Witch Hunt will take you back to Ferelden where Morrigan was first encountered, unlocking powerful rewards for use in both Origins and Awakening. What those rewards are hasn’t been made public knowledge but BioWare is promising big things out of quite possibly the final DLC before Dragon Age II hits on March 11th 2011. Seeing as I’m lagging considerably behind in my efforts to complete the first game, I best get my act together!

Witch Hunt will be available on all formats on September 7th for £4.80/€6.72/$7 or 560 MS Points


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