Microsoft confirm Kinect’s voice control at launch

A troubling rumour have recently emerged about Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller, claiming that the peripheral will launch without voice control but the feature is to be patched in at a later date. Barking orders at your Xbox 360 is one of the more interesting aspects of Kinect considering the initial titles are predominantly for a casual crowd, aiming to win over some Wii supporters. Today Microsoft confirmed there will indeed be voice control from the get go, squashing the rumour before it gets out of hand: “Voice control is an exciting part of the Kinect for Xbox 360 controller-free experience and we can confirm that it will be available at launch in November 2010.”

Kinect is set for a November 10th release costing £129.99 and I’m still trying to decide whether or not to hold onto my pre-order. As cool as the tech looks, I’m not sure it’s for me just yet – even if I am able to yell “Xbox, play game.”

{Thanks Videogamer}


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