ME2 Shadowbroker DLC release date and price

In just under two weeks, Mass Effect 2 will receive its next DLC pack, The Lair of the Shadowbroker, featuring blue heroine, Liara T’Soni. Announced back in July, the pack sees Shepard team up with Liara to take down the curious Shadow Broker with a little bit of detective work and an all out attack on the Broker’s secret lair. The blurb found on BioWare’s site confirms that the return of Liara – whose brief appearance in Mass Effect 2 introduced players to the hunt for the Shadowbroker – allows the continuation of a relationship between her and Shepard. Whether or not this will be effected by any romances already started in Mass Effect 2 is still unknown but since Shepard is fairly free to sow his wild oats, I’d imagine Liara will be another notch on the bedpost of a lustful Commander.

The previous DLC add-ons have all cost 560 MS Points (£4.80/€6.72/$7) but The Lair of the Shadowbroker will be a tad more expensive at 800 MS Points (£6.85/€9.60/$10), hopefully suggesting that it’ll be longer and more substantial than the others. Look out for it on September 7th on Xbox 360 and PC.


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