Bayonetta is not a toy, she’s a collectable

For a mere $500 (£320), you can own a 1/4 scale model of the lovely Bayonetta, famed femme fatale of the game that shares her name. The detail is amazing from the wrinkles in her suit, right down to the moisture of her lips. What’s odd is how her face and general shape is more representative of a manga heroine rather than Bayonetta herself. Okay, so that’s not actually odd per say since the changes are more likely to entice the target audience but when you’re paying half a grand for replica, wouldn’t you want it to look exactly like same? Or has the cynicism of a Monday morning firmly taken hold of me and actually this is a must for hardcore toy collectors? Head over to Kotaku where you can find the full collection of photos and make your own minds up.


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