I draw? No uDraw

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now this is interesting. THQ have recently announced a tablet peripheral to be used with none other than the Wii, allowing budding artists and doodlers a place to scribble away their thoughts. Called uDraw GameTablet, the wireless device uses a Wii remote for power and has a four-by-six inch pad, similar to some of the smaller PC tablets. Coming later this year for the US, uDraw will cost $69.99 with a copy of uDraw Studio bundled in but games like Pictionary and a platformer called Dood’s Big Adventure will retail for $29.99. It won’t be coming to Europe until early 2011 which is a shame since I’d really like to see how well it performs and if it will live up to THQ’s predictions of being a desirable creativity tool for all ages and skills. Like all additional devices, it’ll only be as good as the compatible software but with the publisher scheduling uDraw titles until 2013, they look to be taking it very seriously indeed.


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