Heavy Rain, a Move in the right direction?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Heavy Rain creator David Cage may have been surprised at its retail success but I wonder how many more gamers will pick up the game once it gets patched for PlayStation Move? If this demo footage is anything to go by, I’m guessing not many.  Tweaks do still need to be made and the code is by no means finished but the unresponsive hiccups and over-waggling is slightly worrying. The chap in the background seems less than impressed and the demoed scene where Madison is attacked in her apartment – a highly intense moment of the game – loses almost all of its spectacle when a glowing blue sphere is waving all over the place. Granted, you’ll never really know unless you get some hands-on time with it so given the benefit of the doubt, this could be the kind something wonderful, only realised when played… Then again it could be the exact opposite.


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