Even more single player DLC for BioShock 2

True to their word, 2K Marin are releasing another single-player focused add-on for BioShock 2 called Minerva’s Den and coming in the next couple of months. It’ll be the last DLC and 2K president Christoph Hartmann believes they’ll be going out with a bang: Minerva’s Den is a substantial addition that will give players more of what they’re looking for: more story, more narrative, more gameplay and more of Rapture. The core team has created an exciting product that further enhances the mystery and allure of the world of Rapture. Minerva’s Den will be a fitting conclusion to the BioShock 2 saga.”

While the DLC may be a conclusion to BioShock 2, it isn’t specifically linked to the main campaign, putting players in the role of a brand-new protagonist. They must help returning character Brigid Tenenbaum relieve the grip of a dictator over Rapture Central Computing district – a never-before-seen area of the sunken city. Secrets will be unearthed and new weapons are available to battle the more dangerous Splicers who reside in the district. Plodding around them is a type of Big Daddy only available with Minerva’s Den so the DLC certainly does sound as “substantial” as Hartmann suggests. All we know right now is it’s coming soon to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC but no other details are available right now.


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