Bayonetta news is a re-release

Just a few days ago, Yusuke Hashimoto teased his followers of Twitter – and therefore – the world about upcoming news regarding Bayonetta. The story originated from Siliconera who has now found what seems likely to be the news and sadly, it isn’t all that exciting. Sega have announced that a budget version of Bayonetta for PS3 and Xbox 360 is to be released in Japan on September 2nd for ¥3,990 (£29) featuring the game, trailers and videos of Platinum Games’ next release Vanquish and some new cover art by artist Adam Hughes. Although the art is particularly alluring, a low-price re-release isn’t really the kind of thing to get worked up over. I so wanted it to be a sequel!


One thought on “Bayonetta news is a re-release

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