Why Okamiden went Dual Screen

Speaking with UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine, Okami producer Motohide Eshiro revealed why the company chose to develop its sequel, Okamiden, on the DS rather than any of the home consoles. The reason is obvious and one that certainly crossed my mind when playing the original: “The distinctive feature of the Celestial Brush is just screaming out to be realised on the DS touch screen,” Eshiro said. “I think it’s only natural that Okamiden was designed for DS.” But Okami is one of the more beautiful games out there and making the transition from PS2/Wii to DS was certainly a challenge: “Showing such diverse, sensitive colours that were seen in the original Okami was one tough task indeed. However, it was rather fortuitous for Capcom to have plenty of talented programmers and graphic designers that they have put everything into this title and recreated that very experience on the DS.” Ah, how kind.

Okamiden is out soon for Japan but won’t head east until sometime next year. I had a very quick play with it recently and thought that Capcom have done wonders on Nintendo’s handheld. Graphically it retains the style of its bigger brother and the stylus is so much better for on-screen painting. Another one to look out for in 2011.

The full article can be read in August’s Official Nintendo magazine.


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