Ono talks Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

This week’s Famitsu magazine (via 1up) features an interview with Capcom producer, Yoshinori Ono and in it, they quiz him over details for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition on the 3DS. Turns out that a portable version of SSFIV was always being considered but the existing hardware isn’t up to Ono’s standards: “Neither system would’ve been able to produce a port that I would be satisfied with,” He said. “That’s around the time when the 3DS was announced to us, and we decided that we could produce Street Fighter on that system well enough that everything fun about the series would shine through. There was also the fact that we could use all of its network abilities to help gamers communicate with each other.”

Ono doesn’t view Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition as a lesser version than the home consoles but a faithful port of the game, preferably with all 35 characters intact. But what of 3D implementation? “We’re in the midst of a trial-and-error process, throwing ideas around the development team for things that’d be neat to work with in 3D,” Ono said. “The system itself is still purely SSFIV — we’re thinking about ways 3D can be used in the visuals instead.” Since the 3D can be turned off completely on Nintendo’s new handheld, I’d imagine that a lot of developers will have the same mindset.

If you’re thinking that the 3DS port will be ‘dumbed down’ to accommodate the younger gamer then Ono implores you to think again: “We don’t have any intention of pandering to children here. We’d rather make a game that a kid wants to strive to become better at.” A noble concept but Ono is aware of the differences between home and portable console: “Of course, we’d like to make it a little more accessible since it’s not on a home console, but we’re not thinking about kids so much as people who stopped playing SF after the Super NES version.” The fighters will all stay the same as will their moves. Ono has no intention or reason to rebalance anything like that but the control method is something that he’d like to take a look at. “We are conducting trials, though, to see how we can use the bottom screen and Slide Pad. Maybe we could use the screen to simulate multiple button presses and the pad for special moves, or the like.”

The controls do seem to be a sticking point for some gamers who are expressing their concern online at the possibility of Slide Pad’s (analog stick) wear and tear or the two fewer buttons. Similar concerns were voiced about Street Fighter IV for the iPhone and that game turned out to be brilliant so my confidence is high for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. Without a release date for the 3DS, this game is has no real end in sight at the moment but Ono would like to see it arrive while Super Street Fighter IV is still popular in arcades. To be honest I’d quite like to see more of it now.


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