Want to know about Master Chief? Talk to Frank

To think that Microsoft would forget about Halo ‘s Master Chief is pure madness. So 343 Industries’ Frank O’Conner (previously of Bungie) recent statement wasn’t at all surprising yet still felt oddly comforting to hear; “We’d have to be the world’s biggest assholes not to follow through,” O’Connor said, mindless of the pun he just made “We certainly haven’t seen the last of Master Chief.”

Halo 3 concluded (spoilers if you haven’t completed it) with Master Chief being put into cryosleep while the battered ship he was on drifted past a strange but clearly inhabited world. With such an open end to one of the biggest franchises in video games, a fourth adventure for Master Chief was always expected but since the prequel, Halo: Reach , is just over a month from release, I doubt we’d hear a great deal more on the matter any time soon. Still, a welcome comment by O’Conner if not an obvious one.


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