New challengers for Super Street Fighter IV arcade?

In a few days, Japanese arcade afficionados will get their hands on the sticks of Super Street Fighter IV as Capcom test the arcade version of a great console fighter. Usually it’s the other way around but in this instance, home gamers had Super Street Fighter IV first. But the wait maybe beneficial for arcade goes if the rumour started by a flyer come to fruition. A scan of it shows a question at the bottom asking “here comes new challengers?!” Capcom haven’t officially commented on any additional characters coming to the arcade port but the use of those words in particular are intriguing. It could simply be relating to those in the arcade being these new challengers but the possibility of a boost to the roster isn’t out of the ordinary. And with Capcom being very keen on releasing DLC for the console versions (how many costumes are available now?) we could be seeing more fighters too. This is still very much in the realms of the rumour right now but something to look out for if the 35 existing characters of SSFIV aren’t doing it for you!

{Thanks Siliconera}


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