Trials HD getting some big thrills this year

My controller has just about recovered from the torment of Trails HD and is quivering at the news of a second expansion pack coming later this year called Big Thrills. Forty new levels have been created for the sadist in all of us as we get ready to hit the ‘retry’ button numerous times and on top of these will be ten user-created tracks as part of a competition. Budding level designers should visit where all the rules and details of how to submit a track can be found. As if inclusion to one of your favourite games isn’t enough, Microsoft and developers RedLynx are giving away cash prizes too with the first place winner receiving $5,000. Tero Virtala, ceo of RedLynx seems happy with the idea “We’re thrilled – no pun intended – to present this contest with our partners at Microsoft. We couldn’t think of a better way to give back to our fans than to give them the opportunity to have their work featured right alongside ours in the next expansion of the legendary Trials HD game.”

Wannabe entrants have until August 18th and must be one of the first 10,000 people in order to be eligible. Good luck!


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