Rockstar Games offer some bedtime reading

In celebration of over ten years in the business, Rockstar Games are releasing a three-volume hardback collection of books, detailing the design and production of their extensive back catalogue. From the first Grand Theft Auto right up to Red Dead Redemption, nothing is left out with illustrations, ads, press material, wireframes and inspirational pieces making up the bulk of the content. Adding to this is a DVD with even more gubbins to enjoy. Book publisher Steidl who are handling the distribution state “The hundreds of colour photographs and never-before published video-scapes all culled from the archives of the creators will acquaint readers with the vast areas within the games that allow unparalleled freedom, and a unique experience every play.” They also claim that Digital + Analogue: The Art and Science of Rockstar Games will be out in August for the phenomenal price of £310. If you don’t use £10 notes to blow your nose and believe such a sum of money is rather a lot for a set of books – no matter how good they may be – Amazon UK has them down for the more sensible price of around £75. That sounds considerably kinder for my fragile wallet!

{Thanks Develop}


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