Dragon Age 2 will have a Mass Effect

Details about next year’s Dragon Age 2 are sounding more and more like BioWare are trying to replicate concepts from their Mass Effect franchise. We’ve heard of the human protagonist (the only race playable) who will be the focus of DA2‘s story and now Game Informer (via Kotaku) has revealed that the conversation system will be similar to Shepard’s real-time chats. Instead of a being presented a list of lines to say like in Dragon Age: Origins,the sequel will have the Mass Effect ‘wheel of answers’ and will clearly indicate your intended tone be it happy, angry or flirtatious.

PC players of Dragon Age 2 will still experience the strategic fighting system from the first game as it was specifically designed for a mouse and keyboard. But instead of forcing this onto console gamers, their version will have a fighting mechanic “tailored to the strengths of the PS3 and 360,” utilising the strengths of the control pad. Dragon Age 2 goes all hack and slash maybe? Sorry to those purists but I’m liking that idea.

To not completely ignore the events of Dragon Age: Origins, those who have completed the game can migrate their saved game to the sequel, effecting the storyline. Dragon Age 2 continues where the first game ends so some continuation is appropriate, even if you are a completely new character who isn’t fighting an ancient evil but sculpting their own presence in the universe.

Though am fully aware that I’m not the core audience for Dragon Age games, the changes above sound pretty good to me. Conversing with characters by choosing tone over reading an entire sentence may not be true to the classic RPGs which the series is mimicking but a method that I personally find more engaging. Having a combat system on consoles that makes better use of its specific inputs seems a logical solution. But like I say, I’m not the type of gamer who Dragon Age 2 is or should be tailored to and wonder how those wanting a ‘real’ follow up to Dragon Age: Origins feel at the prospect of their much loved franchise having its identity diluted somewhat.


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