The Eye of Judgement loses online in October

Sad news for anyone who enjoyed augmented online card battles as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will be closing down the servers for The Eye of Judgement from September 30th 2010. An expected move even if it’s an unpleasant one. The Eye of Judgement never really became the next-gen Yu-Gi-Oh like Sony may have wanted thanks to poor support, even worse marketing and easily pirated cards. The cool aspect of holding a real-world card to see it come alive through the PS Eye on your TV seemed to appeal more than the game itself. Now there’s a fully virtual PSP version nullifying the need for real cards at all. Not even three years old and The Eye of Judgment will have a large portion of its gameplay removed with a flick of a switch. Bugger.


2 thoughts on “The Eye of Judgement loses online in October

  1. That is very sad but I kind of see why it happened, even though I was one that jumped on board with it on opening day. I enjoyed it but it totally lacked the depth I was hoping for. I came from a Magic the Gathering background so I guess my expectations were high… perhaps too high. I purchased the bundle and a few boosters but that’s where it stopped. After hearing about people playing with copied cards I really lost interest at that point. If cheating was rampant online, there’s no fun playing against them. I’ve not been back 😦

  2. It’s a real shame this never really took off, I love playing it! That said, I never played it online. Maybe it would have a better following if you didn’t have to spend 10 minutes setting up the lighting in the room so that the cards could be read!

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