Cage comments on Heavy Rain DLC freeze

A couple of weeks ago, Guillame De Fondaumiere of Quantic Dream revealed in an interview with Game Informer that the planned DLC for Heavy Rain was to be put on hold while the team work PlayStation Move controls into the game. Speaking with NowGamer, Heavy Rain‘s creator David Cage is claiming that the hold may actually be a permanent one.

“We proposed three episodes about one hour long and being focused on the background of the main characters. I thought fans would really enjoy these episodes because they explained many aspects of HR and why characters are who they are.” Collectively known as Chronicles, the first and only DLC was called the Taxidermist featuring Madison as she sneaked around a suspect’s home. While it was more ‘gamey’ than the campaign it still offered an extended narrative to Madison and from the sounds of it, all of the characters were in for a similar treatment. But Sony has a motion-controller to sell: “Unfortunately, Sony preferred to ask us to focus on Move to support the device rather than on creating new content,” said a disappointed Cage. “On our side, we did not want to spend more time on HR, which would have meant delaying new projects.” He went on to say how happy he was that Quantic Dream are able to support Move but saddened at the fact that fans “could not finish the story of HR the way we intended.” Heavy Rain certainly left areas open for an explanation or two and maybe they were to come in the form of DLC. Not anymore however, we have Move to look forward to instead. Thanks…


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