3DS ready for December release?

The big man of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime, revealed to Industry Gamers that the 3DS will launch in all major markets by March 2011 with individual released dates for Japan, the Americas and UK. Still no word of price but the likelihood is that it’ll come in around £179 if previous trends are any indication. According to a ‘source’ of CVG, the 3DS will replicate the Wii’s release date format with the UK getting its delivery in early December. Stock will no doubt be limited with a preorder being the best way to secure a system. Whether or not this source can be trusted is yet to be revealed but a pre-Christmas timeframe would help sell the handheld and be the ‘must have’ toy of the season.

Another aspect of the 3DS which is yet to be finalised is its design with the model shown as E3 only being a working prototype. What we’ll eventually get will be a refined version based on feedback from the show: “Typically, at an E3, our engineers are looking for feedback,” said Fils-Aime. “You know, we have an army of Nintendo representatives out on our show floor talking to attendees, getting reactions to everything in the device: the depth slider, the buttons, the sliding pad that is, essentially, an analogue-type stick. These are things that we’re looking to get reaction to, including the overall button placement. When we get all that feedback, then we’ll finalize the design.”

Will the 3DS make it out in time for Christmas? I certainly hope so but won’t hold my breath just yet.


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