Heavy Rain DLC put on hold thanks to Move

In order to ramp up Move development, some studios have had to make a few sacrifices to their games at the instruction of Sony. In an interview with Game Informer, Quantic Dream’s Guillame De Fondaumiere broke the sad news of Heavy Rain‘s DLC getting shelved while the developers implement Move controls to the game. Sony have been the encouragement for shelving and what’s worse is how De Fondaumiere states that it’s unlikely that anymore DLC will be made as Quantic Dream starts to work on their next project.

It’s frustrating that a game which works perfectly well using a normal controller (bar a few navigation niggles) will have the extension of its fiction ignored in favour of an unproven peripheral. Madison’s exposure to a murderous taxidermist in the DLC of the same name was a brilliant bite-size addition to Heavy Rain and the thought of not getting more of these add-ons makes me want to shed the tears I comfortably held onto while playing the game.


One thought on “Heavy Rain DLC put on hold thanks to Move

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