Gears of War 3 Beast mode detailed

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Gears of War 3 had a pretty good showing during Monday’s press conference from Microsoft where Cliff Bleszinski announced of a new mode called Beast. He then promptly walked off and gave no further details until yesterday when he spoke with Now Gamer: “Beast mode is our class based monster mode, where you get to play as all the different Locust creatures you’ve been fighting through 2 and now the third game. So all the way from the suicide bomber Ticker, to the shield Boomer, all the way through to the Berserker, who has very bad eyesight but has a Hulk smash and the ability to smash through all of the Coalition’s fortifications, which is very empowering.” A class system would be a nice addition to the Gears mechanics but does anyone want to play as a Ticker? A Berserker however, would be very cool. Cliff continued: “It’s really amazing when you spawn and you see one friend as a giant Berserker, one as a Ticker, and another as a Ceripede which is an electric centipede that shocks and eats people. It’s up to five players and it’s got a little bit of that Horde lineage on it but it really feels unique because it’s so class based. The Kantus resurrects people, for example. Everybody has a role – some people like to be gunners, some people like to be defensive.”

Beast mode looks to be like Horde but from the Locust’s perspective with differing classes that sound as if they’re automatically assigned. Those who spawn as a lower strength Locust will have to gain experience in order to unlock the other characters on offer. With Horde being one of the best features of Gears 2, Beast could take the torch of awesomeness and burn down anyone in COG armour. Can’t wait!


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