Sony E3 2010 press conference

Motion controls again take center stage at E3 with Sony hyping up their PS Move. As impressive as it could be, it didn’t quite win me over and did come across exactly how Sony didn’t want it to – like a HD Wii remote. Thankfully there was some great titles on offer like Killzone 3 with its stunning graphics and LittleBigPlanet 2‘s intelligent game creation features. No PSP2 however, sorry to all those wanted a second analog stick (like me). But a certain outspoken developer has changed his tune and had only good things to say about the PS3… And Gran Turismo 5 finally gets a release date!  All the details can be found after the break so read on! (Sorry for any spelling mistakes once again)

Kilzone 3 shown in 3D. Of course we can’t see it through the live stream but are assured it’s good. Everyone in the audience told to wear 3D glasses – kinda points out the flaws in 3D gaming. Looks very very good with a jet-pack wearing Helghan attacking the player. It’s Killzone alright and looks to handle like the second game. Great draw distance and characters look nicely detailed. Now Sev in hover suit of his own in a glacial environment. Again stunning graphics. Sev uses his hovering abilities to navigate almost like a platformer. Motion controls are back with the turning of the PS3 controller to activate mines.

Second scene of Killzone 3 shows Sev in a drop ship using its heavy guns. Akin to a Call of Duty helicopter level and again, looks stunning.

Killzone 3 released worldwide February 2011. Full compatible with PS Move at launch. How? Not mentioned yet.

More hyping of 3D. Another 3D presentation showing live action footage in 3D like sports, wildlife programmes etc.

Now some games in 3D. Motorstorm Apocalypse, Eye Pet, MLB 10 the Show, The Fight, Killzone 3, Tumble, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Gran Turismo 5, The Sly Correction,

Jack Tretton talks of 15th anniversary of PlayStation and 10th anniversary of PS2.

Explanation of PS Move. Said to be much more responsive than Wii (didn’t exactly say that but definitely implied). Video of developers claiming how good the Move is. Slightly bitchy towards Kinect and Wii!

Now we’re told why buttons are so important to gaming. Zing Kinect!

Nearly 40 developers working on PS Move games.

New game Sorcery shown. Fantasy setting with a youthful wizard and his magic wand. PS Move controls the wand. Pretty cool but doesn’t seem like something that couldn’t be done on the Wii. Ball on the end of PS Move changed colour like objects in game. For a game thats meant to show the importance of PS Move, a lot of the talk is about the spells etc in the game and not the specific movements of Move controller. Graphically it does look nice and coming Spring 2011.

Motion control used in next Tiger Woods game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011. Game opens and guy has to calibrate the Move controller. All one-to-one movement, but Tiger on screen had a bit of lag. Woops!

Heroes on the Move announced full of some key Sony characters like Rachet, Daxter, Sly, Jak, Clank etc. Like a Third person platformer but with Move controls. Cool graphics.

Deal set up with Coca Cola where you can win Sony goodies from cans and bottles of coke.

Kevin Butler ‘unexpectedly’ turns up and yet more bitchiness towards Kinect. Says to focus on the games not the battle. Funny since Sony has done the most trash talking! More talking from Butler. This guy keeps talking. And yet more talking. Kinda funny but c’mon let’s see some more games!

Move out September 15th in US then very shortly after in Europe.

Move controller costs $49 but will be bundled in with console and games too

Video showing what to expect from PS Move later this year. Looks very much like the videos we saw when the Wii was being released. People energetically moving around living room while playing games.

New campaign for PSP. Featuring Marcus and oh good, it’s Kevin Butler again. Campaign called ‘Step your game up’. Will it work at getting the numbers up for PSP? Pretty slick and easily quotable.

Invisimals PSP shown – wait, isn’t that already out over here?

Now showing God of War Ghost of Sparta on PSP. All cut scene graphics.

70 new titles coming to PSP from now until December. Trailer montage showing them off.

Sony booth replicated exactly in Home and available now. That is really cool as anyone who couldn’t be at E3 can experience it in the virtual world on Home.

Yes! LittleBigPlanet 2 is being shown off by Alex Evans. Explaining the already known details about LBP2. Examples of a a mini game which is made in-game. Simple button pressing action. Cool. Different game now “kinda top down sumo.” Players try and bash each other off a single platform. Lastly is a 2D side platformer with Sackboys wearing special hats which can launch anything – in this game they shot missles at each other. All games seamlessly linked to one another. Story mode to be similar with all kinds of levels, not just a platformer anymore.

PlayStation Plus announced. Subscription based online service. Subscribers get exclusive content. Said to get $100’s of value. Free content like Minis and themes, discounts, exclusive Beta’s etc. Starts later this month. Full year subscription for $49.99

EA announced Medal of Honor to have exclusive content for PS3. New character announced; Deuce. Wow the graphics looks good.

Dead Space 2 footage is creepy as ever and nicely atmospheric. All in game too and looking mighty fine.

Gabe Newell takes to the stage – FINALLY Valve are making a PS3 game and in the background is the Portal 2 logo. Newell sounds nervous and speaks highly of the PS3. First time for everything! Portal 2 debut trailer.

Final Fantasy XIV video

Assassins Creed Brotherhood trailer. November 16th 2010

Trailer for Gran Turismo 5 on show. Looks mostly cut scenes but it’s hard to tell. Jaw dropping visuals so if any of it is in-game – WOW. Oh, an actual release date – November 2nd 2010 in North America.

Sucker Punch’s InFamous 2 video. Cole in a very different, darker looking city with more life to it. Ice powers teased. Huge boss in distance.

Surprise video for car combat game. Twisted Metal returns, the rumours where true. David Jaffe and Scott Campbell come on stage to show Twisted Metal Nuke. Gameplay detailed with air combat added for the first time. Frantic gameplay with tons of explosions and classic Twisted Metal Action.

All over now. The last half was definitely the most interesting!


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