Nintendo E3 2010 press conference

Last year’s criticism for Nintendo’s weak performance was definitely taken seriously as E3 2010 is their year. So many exciting announcements that play beautifully to the hardcore fans as well as those new to gaming. Classic franchises like Donkey Kong and Kirby get new releases and the remarkable 3DS is finally shown with some very impressive features. Nintendo also really enjoyed reminding us that the 3DS doesn’t need 3D glasses. The next Zelda gets a hefty explanation and demo too that, on stage, may have been plagued with technical difficulties but still looked like a lot of fun. Read on to see how the conference played out and the other treats Nintendo had to offer.

Reggie starts the conference. Talks about technology being only a tool.

Zelda shown! New Zelda for the Wii; The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Miyamoto talks of new Zelda and how the Wii remote, Wii MotionPlus and nunchuck will make it all the more better. Wii remote acts as your one-to-one sword and nunchuck is your shield. Gameplay footage of guy swinging sword and a closer camera view of Link from behind in traditional setting. Lot of time telling us how the controllers are your sword and shield. Okay, we get it! Very cool though and works very well. Certain enemies can only be killed if cut in specific ways like top to bottom or left to right etc. All weapons shown like bow & arrow, bombs etc. This is wear the controls begin to fail a bit as they’re slightly unresponsive to Miyamoto’s movements. Joke made that someone using Wireless which adds too much interference. Oh dear, lots of interference now, Miyamoto’s struggling. The game looks really good though! New Zelda comes to Wii next year.

Sports titles spoken of like PES 2011 and NBA Jam. Following that is a Mario sporst game featuring vollyball, dodgeball, hockey, basketball. Called Mario Sports Mix and out next year.

Last December, Wii set all time record for best selling console. More games sold for Wii in the last 43 months than any other console. Lots of self back patting.

New game featuring Mii characters. Wii Party. All new party game using Miis. 13 different party games like board game island, balance boat and house party games.

Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2 announced.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn for DS. Very good looking adventure RPG with stylus controls. Coming this holiday.

Rumoured Goldeneye is official. Features new Daniel Craig Bond exclusively for the Wii. Will it have the charm and addictive quality of the original? Or has gaming evolved beyond that? I’m excited. Four player split screen and again is available this holiday.

Disney’s Epic Mickey now. Warren Spector and Adam Creighton shows first look at Wii exclusive. Really good looking platformer. Still has the younger audience in mind for art style.

New Kirby game, yay! New art style and handling for Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Dragon Quest IX coming to US in 26 days.

Metroid Other M trailer. More emotional than previous Metroids. Out August 31st.

Oh my god, a new Donkey Kong game! How cool! Very much a Wii version of Donkey Kong Country but who wouldn’t want that. It looks awesome! Donkey and Diddy tag teaming up again, collecting bananas, swinging from vines and shooting from barrels. Called Donkey Kong Returns, out this holiday.

3DS finally shown off by Iwata. Like a DSi but has 3.5 inch widescreen monitor on top and large touch screen at the bottom. Only top screen is 3D. Analog stick next to d-pad. Two cameras on the back. Comes with a slider on it that turns 3D on or off or even somewhere in between. Can take 3D pictures.

Can watch 3D movies on 3DS – so screen must be close to HD if not HD. Films like How to train your Dragon. Very impressive that a handheld can display hollywood 3D films.

Project Sara a new Kid Icarus game. Kid Icarus Uprising for 3DS. First game footage of 3DS game. Looks almost comparable to Wii in terms of graphics.

3D Nintendogs + Cats too – got a ‘wow’ from audience and me!

List shown of all the third part developers making 3DS games.

Activision making DJ Hero 3D

Level 5 making 3D Professor Layton game – wow! Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Square Enix bringing 3D Kingdom Hearts,

THQ making Saints Row – Odd choice but there you go

EA doing Madden

Capcom developing a 3DS Resident Evil

Warner Bros making what looks to be a Batman game

Ubisoft making Assassins Creed

Ridge Race from Namco Bandai,

Holy crap! Konami making a 3D Metal Gear Solid game!! WOW! Nintendo site calling this Snake Eater 3D. Remake of PS2 game?

All above being made for 3DS

And that’s Nintendo’s press conference. Really good, exciting core games that all were top quality. Great stuff, well done Nintendo!


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