New Mortal Kombat announced – for real this time!

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After the confusion and dissapointment of Mortal Kombat Rebirth being nothing more than a movie pitch, Ed Boon and his newly named NetherRealm Studios have some good news for fans of the franchise; the rumours are true, a new game is in development. Known only as Mortal Kombat, the game looks to capatilise on the success of Street Fighter IV by returning to the core mechanics and favoured characters that made the first few games such classics. Mortal Kombat will be a 2D fighter, beefed up with an all new graphics engine and what appears to be a lot of influence from MK2. Stages like The Pit 2, Dead Pool and The Living Forest have been revamped for the next game and an awesome-looking damage system shows them bones-a-breaking. Multiplayer tag matches resembling a Marvel vs Capcom 2 mechanic has been added where up to four people can duke it out on in one match and some much loved characters are back to do just that, such as Raiden, Sektor and the brilliant Kung Lao. The shorts clips of fighting look like a HD version of the early games which is the best thing to happen to Mortal Kombat in ages, the only downside is that it won’t be out until next year for Xbox 360 and PS3. Roll on 2011!

{Thanks Giant Bomb}


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