Huge savings on XBLA next week!

To celebrate next week’s big E3 event, Microsoft are offering some of their best XBLA games at a considerable discount starting Monday 14th. The first five reductions are all 50% off the original price and include favourites like Shadow Complex (check out my review here), Trails HD and Marvel vs Capcom 2. Then, from Wednesday 16th until Tuesday 22nd, a further sale of other great titles will begin and will hopefully not crash Xbox Live due to the mass of downloads. Featuring Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers (superb! See my review here) and Braid, there is a significant amount of quality games that, if not already on your HDD, should definitely be there as of next week. Joy! The full list is as follows:

Monday 14th June:
Shadow Complex
– 560 MS Points/£4.80
Trials HD – 560 MS Points/£4.80
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 – 560 MS Points/£4.80
TMNT Turtles in Time HD – 400 MS Points/£3.43
‘Splosion man – 400 MS Points/£3.43

June 16th-22nd:
A Kingdom for Keflings – 400 MS Points/£3.43
Alien Hominid HD – 400 MS Points/£3.43
Banjo Tooie – 800 MS Points/£6.85
Bionic Commando Rearmed – 400 MS Points/£3.43
Bomberman LIVE – 400 MS Points/£3.43
Braid – 800 MS Points/£6.85
Castle Crashers – 800 MS Points/£6.85
Castlevania Symphony of the Night – 400 MS Points/£3.43
Contra – 240 MS Points/£2.06
Crystal Defenders – 400 MS Points/£3.43
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 – 400 MS Points/£3.43
Magic: The Gathering – 400 MS Points/£3.43 (Bargain!)
N+ – 400 MS Points/£3.43
Panzer General – 400 MS Points/£3.43
– 800 MS Points/£6.85
TMNT: 1989 Arcade – 240 MS Points/£2.06
Uno Rush – 400 MS Points/£3.43
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment
– 800 MS Points/£6.85
Zombie Apocalypse – 400 MS Points/£3.43

{Thanks Joystiq}


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