Mortal Kombat reborn? UPDATED

Vodpod videos no longer available.

UPDATE 2: For information and footage of the real Mortal Kombat game in development, click here or here to see a montage of new Fatalities!

UPDATE: The actress portraying Sonya Blade in this clip is Star Trek‘s Jeri Ryan who confirmed on Twitter (via Kotaku) that, sadly, this is no more than a pitch to Warner Bros. Ryan did it as a favour to a friend and said “It’s not a game trailer. Actually was made for [Kevin Tancharoen] to sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film,” crushing all hopes that it a new game was coming or indeed a film had already been made. Warner hasn’t commented on the short film but if successful, it’s likely that both a movie and film would be made as Warner are very keen on furthering their video game division.

As if by some form magic from another realm, a mysterious video has appeared which somehow relates to Mortal Kombat. It has a police officer called Jax, his assistant is Sonya Blade, they’re grilling a criminal who calls himself Scorpion who isn’t too keen on a guy called Sub Zero and is told about the death of Johnny Cage by the hands – or blades – of a disgraced surgeon called Baraka. Oh and Reptile is thrown in for good measure too. The video is dark with a Hollywood quality to it so one possibility is that this is a teaser for an upcoming movie. If it looks anything like what we see in the almost eight minutes of footage, I would gladly welcome such a thing. It could of course be a reboot for the deteriorating game series since it’s so close to E3 but it seems awfully high budget for an announcement of a new game. But the poster of this YouTube vid goes by the name Mortal Kombat Rebirth which, to me, has ‘new game’ written all over it. Mortal Kombat 4 was the last MK game I really enjoyed and that was only because of the ludicrous fatality of Quan Chi. A reboot would help get the franchise back on track and what better time to do it then now when the old-school fighting genre is enjoying a resurgence? What ever this video relates to I’d imagine we’ll be hearing more about it very soon.


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