Sonic Adventure for XBLA and PSN?

There’s been mutterings that Sonic Adventure is headed for an XBLA release with no confirmation from Sega themselves – even though Korea’s game rating board added it to its database. Now the ESRB has there very own listing of the game and added the PS3 to platforms who’ll be receiving the Dreamcast classic. So despite Sega’s silence, the rumour is pretty much fact at this point. Crazy Taxi was another Dreamcast title listed on Korea’s game rating board which hopefully means that the great games of Sega’s ill-fated console will follow Sonic Adventure‘s lead. Not so long ago, Project Berkley 2 was spotted on the debug version of Xbox Live Marketplace suggesting Shenmue II is to receive a new lease of life on XBLA. This now seems a lot more likely as does the rumour of a HD Jet Set Radio whose cell-shaded graphics would crisp up nicely in 1080p.

{Thanks Siliconera}


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