InFamous 2 could be bad for your health

Following last week’s announcement of InFamous 2, PlayStation Informer outed a few more details from Game Informer’s 10 page spread. Thins like how Cole MacGrath has been redrawn to look like a male version of Faith from Mirror’s Edge and will be voiced by a new actor too. Real cut-scenes will join the comic strip style of storytelling. New powers other than electricity should be available for MacGrath but he’s still mainly an electrifying super hero and will aim to be some form of super super hero, whatever that could be. Melee combat has been added and more cars, people, random activities will give a greater feeling of city life. Bosses will be bigger and meaner and water is another foe to look out for as it can kill MacGrath. The morality system has been tweaked so it’s not so black and white but a good few shades of grey in there too and there’s the possibility of online gaming for those who want to fry their friends.

One notable quote from developers Sucker Punch is as ambitious as it is cruel: “It was a superhero game that you could get into and have a good time. The second game, if we do our jobs right, will hopefully give you a heart attack.” Charming. The full article can be seen in July’s issue of Game Informer.


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