Mass Effect goes multiplayer?

According to a now removed job posting for BioWare Montreal, Mass Effect is more than likely to be getting a healthy dose of multiplayer game modes. The post was found by Cinema Blend who quickly grabbed a screen of what is a rather telling. It’s asking for a Multiplayer Programmer for the Mass Effect franchise which, right now, is a single player only game. Chat rooms, client/sever games, player matching, stats etc are all part of the desired programmable skills and the ability to take existing single player experiences and make them multiplayer safe is another wanted attribute.

Could this be part of the plethora of DLC that is promised for Mass Effect 2 or even the unannounced aspect for the franchise which is coming in 2011? Multiplayer modes for Mass Effect 3 is also a possibility since co-op play would be a great addition but not necessarily needed – much like any form of multiplayer gaming for franchise. The biggest concern is that focus could be shifted from the solo campaign to make way for anything else. Until an official announcement is made, fears or excitement of just what this job posting means should be suppressed, ready to burst out when the time is right…. but boy, wouldn’t hunting the Reapers with a buddy be awesome!?


2 thoughts on “Mass Effect goes multiplayer?

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