Sonic Colors announcement trailer and details

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not content with just one Sonic game this year, Sega have announced they’re working on another new adventure featuring the blue hedgehog. Sonic Colors is coming to Wii and DS this holiday which is why the cute-factor has been ramped up a notch or two in the teaser trailer above. In the game, old bluey must investigate a number of planets that are orbiting around his home world. These planets are all in fact an amusement park where aliens called Wisps live and now, are held captive by Dr Eggman. So with a little help from Tails and by discovering he’s able to absorb the Wisps magic energy (don’t ask…), Sonic battles with Eggman throughout the parks in order to free the aliens. Sega’s blog post often refers to the notion of speed that is said to be “adrenaline-pumping” and “never before seen in a Sonic game.” The absorbable energy allows Sonic to do things like drill through the ground to create new paths or turn into a laser for even faster travel and can be strung together for additional boosts.

The most recent Sonic games have sold better on Nintendo’s platforms even if they’ve turned off the less casual crowds. It’s difficult to say if Sonic Colors will be similar to the classic games like Sonic 4 is aiming to do or whether the new abilities and target demographic mean that it’ll be closer to the newer Sonic experiences. Sega have said the Wii version “seamlessly combines both 3D and classic 2D game play perspectives, while the Nintendo DS version takes full advantage of the console’s dual screen,” so those elements will be different at least.

For a few teaser screenshots check out Sega’s Flickr page and stay tuned for more info as soon as it’s available.


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