Insomniac games becomes third party developers

This year is turning out to be one of many revelations. Just last month Bungie, the once first party developer for Microsoft, signed a deal with Activision meaning their next IP will be multiplatform. Now Sony have seen one of their flock leave for new pastures. Insomniac games who brought us Ratchet & Clank and one of the most relevant PS3 first person shooter franchises, Resistance, revealed (via Kotaku) that EA will publish the studio’s next franchise and it’s coming to both PS3 and Xbox 360. They, like Bungie, will retain ownership of the unannounced IP and founder Ted Price believes the deal will allow the company to grow: “We never wanted to limit ourselves. People are inspired here by having the opportunity to try new things. Resistance was a chance to branch out and we will continue to look for those opportunities.” Insomniac took a big risk by making Resistance as it was a genre they were completely new to. But it paid off and was one of the best selling release titles for the PS3, developing into a popular franchise. Price had nothing to say when asked for details of the EA partnered IP only that it will be a franchise, not just a ‘one-off’. Fans of the existing PS3 exclusives will be happy to hear more Ratchet & Clank and Resistance games are heading their way “We are going to continue to support Ratchet and Resistance,” Price said. “I think [PS3 owners] will be happy with what we have coming.” I think Xbox 360 owners will be quite a happy bunch too.


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