Magic: The Gathering dealing with Steam

The brilliant XBLA adaptation of Magic: The Gathering is coming to Steam next month and will be bundled with the first expansion pack for what should be joyous PC gamers. Even more joyful is the price of $9.99 (roughly £6.99). Ready for pre-loading on June 1st, there’s yet to be an official date for when it’ll go live but shouldn’t be too long after. I was totally hooked on Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers (see my review here) and only stopped playing due to time constraints. If you’re at all interested in video game TCGs I’d highly recommend this one. The PC version will also benefit from Steam Achievements, more DLC, leaderboards and multiplayer matchmaking. So far its only been announced for the PC but a Mac version may also be in the works. I certainly hope so as the more people buy it strengthens the chance of other trading card games receiving a similar treatment.

{Thanks Kotaku}


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