Killzone 3 officially less naughty

It’s now official, Killzone 3 is coming and will be playable in 3D – as long as your TV can support it that is. GamePro magazine had the exclusive reveal which is being scanned like crazy and posted on various forums (who know the ones…) thanks to over-excited subscribers receiving their copies early. Picking up where the last game left off, Killzone 3 follows Sev and Rico as they battle an immeasurable amount of Helghast, something developers, Guerrilla Games, credit films like Inglourious Basterds as an influence. New levels and weapons like the machinegun- mounted jet-pack and ‘portable weapons of mass destruction’ were mentioned in the article but what’s most interesting is how swearing will be almost non-excistant. I have no issue with a mature rated game cursing up a storm but Killzone 2 handled it so badly that even gutter-mouth Marcus Phoenix would have blushed. Speaking with Eurogamer, Guerilla’s Steven Ter Heide said “Our sound director is here today and we said to him, ‘Go through the entire database and, anything that’s got s*** or f*** in it, just get rid of it – we don’t want to hear it ever again!” Fear not as it’ll still very much be a 18-rated experience just less of the superfluous potty talk.

More details of Killzone 3 will almost definitely be part of Sony’s E3 press conference coming in June.


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