Alan Wake writer miffed at Heavy Rain comparisions

After five long years, Alan Wake is finally out and is receiving some very positive reviews. But much to the annoyance of the game’s writer, Mikko Rautalahti, Alan Wake is being compared PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain: “I don’t think comparisons like that are motivated by what the game actually is — it’s just because we’re an Xbox 360 exclusive title,” responds the writer. “I do feel a certain degree of pressure, because it often feels like there are expectations that simply don’t have anything to do with the actual game we’re making. I mean, the games are almost completely dissimilar. The game mechanics are different, the pacing is different, the storytelling is different, the setting is different, the premise is different… I can’t believe that anyone would bother to seriously make this comparison if either one of these games was a multiplatform title.”

After playing through the start of Alan Wake, I would say that it is the Xbox 360’s Heavy Rain but I don’t for a minute mean that literally as I agree with Rautalahti. What I mean is that they’re both an eerie, psychological thriller with a fantastic sense of tension that is suited to the audience it’s exclusive to. The Xbox 360 is known for its shooters and Alan Wake does shooting very well with great controls whereas the PS3 (or more to the point, PSN,) has been delivering more experimental titles sharing some ideology with Heavy Rain. But in terms of content, they’re very different. It’s still safe to say if you like one then should definitely play the other as Rautalahti would recommend: ” I have to say that I loved Heavy Rain. It’s a great experience, and I think anybody who hasn’t played it should play it, if only because it does things in its own way without compromises or excuses, and that’s always a welcome change of pace in this industry.”

Alan Wake is out now with a DLC following in the next couple of months. Check out my review of Heavy Rain here.

{Thanks Destructoid}


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