Scribblenauts 2 goes super

Channeling the naming conventions of SNES games, 5TH Cell’s sequel to the highly imaginative but upsettingly flawed Scribblenauts has been given a grander name than Scribblenauts 2. From here on it will be known as Super Scribblenauts! Controls on the first game went from good to shocking but the successor is promised to have upgraded handling as well as a new adjective system where players manipulate the objects they’ve summoned in numerous ways. The concept remains the same – Write down a word or words which come to life, solve a puzzle and get a star – but now you’ll have the option to change the colour, behaviour, attributes and other such elements of the items you bring into the world. Multiple adjectives can be chained together too, for example; to obtain a star that is too high to grab, simply call for a winged green dolphin to fly you up to pluck it from its perch. Like the first game, you can be as experimental as you please but the added adjective system should allow for even greater creativity, hopefully ending the reliance on using a rope and helicopter for every puzzle like so many of us used in Scribblenauts 1.

Super Scribblenauts is scheduled for an Autumn 2010 release for the DS.Two more screenshots can be found after the break.


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