Chocobo Panic – new game or disturbing hobby?

What could turn out to be a new Chcocbo game has been leaked by Square Enix who recently trademarked the name Chocobo Panic. The info spillage was found by a Final Fantasy fan site which instigated Siliconera to do a bit of digging where they found Square Enix ceo, Yoichi Wada, to have registered the domain It’s not uncommon for publishers to trademark names and buy online spaces even if a game doesn’t exist but in this case – and the popularity of Chocobos in videogames – it’s likely something is in the works. The word ‘panic’ suggests some kind of frantic gameplay like a time-based puzzle game or maybe a racer but right now, no one but Square has the answer and they’re not telling! I hoped Chocobo Tales 2 would eventually come to the west as the first mixed collectable card battling with mini-games resulting in one embarrassingly addictive game. Who knows, maybe Chocobo Panic could make up for this injustice!


One thought on “Chocobo Panic – new game or disturbing hobby?

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