Street Fighter: Legacy director has more in store

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A lot of fuss was made about Joey Ansah’s self-produced Street Fighter: Legacy, mainly because it’s far superior than any of the Hollywood attempts. This is probably due to Ansah actually playing a Street Fighter game, knowing what fans want to see. But it doesn’t stop with the one three-minute fan film, Ansah has grander ideas: “The plan was always to do more,” he told GamePro. “I always wanted to do a series or a movie and this ended up being the best [method]. If the fans get behind it — which they have — it’s going to make it all the more easy to get the real deal off the ground which is the next step. We would love to do a couple of movies, maybe a trilogy or a prologue series and then a movie.”

Currently Street Fighter: Legacy has had around one million views on YouTube making Ansah eager to talk with Capcom, offering his services for a full length Street Fighter movie or shorter installments via Xbox Live. He said “Given how many fans there are, if you do new media [like] Xbox where you can get content full HD, with great sound, and most people have nice flat screens, I think that’s the way to go. So you could have maybe these 10 minute episodes that you pay maybe 50 Xbox Points or the equivalent of 50 cents. We would like to try something like that out.” Producer Jacqueline Quella added “That way the fans get to support the movie.”

Ansah is keen to direct and develop a film about the story behind Street Fighter II since that was what began many fan’s love affair with the franchise. The brilliant mid-nighties anime of SFII did flirt with the main plotline – Ryu and Ken’s past – but Ansah’s adaptation would be live action and therefore most acceptable to the mainstream movie goers. He’s has already done his homework too: “Luckily, I have I would say 80 percent of all the characters already cast. You’ve seen my Ryu and Ken and me as [nightmare version] Akuma… I’ve got a lot of the other characters bookmarked. There’s a couple that I would need to do quite a wide casting search for. Chun-Li’s a tough one.” Sadly I doubt Kristin Kreuk will be on the list of possible actresses…


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