Metro 2033 makes THQ a happy publisher

Gloomy futuristic shooter Metro 2033 may have only benefited from modest levels of sales but thanks to 4A Games’ low development cost, it was enough to rake in the cash for THQ. At the publishers earnings call, ceo Brian Farrell didn’t give an actual number of how many units were sold but did say “It’s a very profitable title for us,” and that it contributed to a welcome sales growth. Unsurprisingly, almost two-thirds of sales were made in Europe and the rest went to Americans with the top platform being the PC via digital downloads. I’ve only just started playing through the game on my 360 and so far so good but it does very much feel like a PC ported affair. Nothing wrong with that of course, just quite telling from some of the mechanics. Those ‘modest sales’ were probably due to modest reviews averaging at around 7.5/10 and mostly praising the stellar visuals. But hey, if a first-time Eastern European Studio can produce a profitable, pretty and playable production then hats off to them!

{Thanks Joystiq}


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