‘Bonus’ DVD with Super Mario Galaxy 2

To make doubley sure that everyone (and I mean everyone), can understand how to play Super Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo will be packaging a bonus ‘beginners guide’ DVD with every copy. Things like using both controllers at once and basic navigation are all covered which leaves me stroking my chin thoughtfully; why do Nintendo feel that an extra DVD is necessary when this is these are the kinds of mechanics taught to us at the start of all games? I would suspect that the main consumer of the sequel will be those who bought the first game and or are already quite proficient with gaming. It’s commendable that a new audience is being catered for but are those who need this kind of tuition really going to be interested in such a game? It feels a little patronising to me but Nintendo could fill the rest of the DVD with all kinds of Mario goodies turning what is a bit of a joke into a something more desirable. Ironically, the DVD can’t actually be played on the Wii though.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 and its DVD is out June 11th.

{Thanks Cubed3}


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