Lonely? Meet My Wife

If like the alleged 83% of Japanese Xbox 360 owners you’re without a significant other, then Idea Factory have made the game for you. Sporting a name more familiar to swingers parties than marital bliss, My Wife: A Wife just For You lets you create your ideal wife from a number of preset personalities; Childhood Friend Type, Cinderella Princess Type, Older Sister Type (how very disturbing), Gentle and Natural Type and probably the most questionable, Little Sister Type. Once you’ve picked her demeanor, voice name etc the ‘Lover Chapter’ begins, taking you back to when the pair of you just met. Soon you’ll find yourself at ‘Wife Chapter’ where ‘Dinner Mode’ and ‘Sleep Together Mode’ (seen after the break – it’s not rude so don’t worry) become available and mini games like a simple quiz or clothes drying game make up the gameplay elements.

It’s very odd to view this with western eyes since culturally, these kind of games are so Japan-focused that it’s hard to understand the appeal. But there has been a renewed shift in western ideas with games like Dragon Age and the Mass Effect franchise actively rewarding you for flirting with in-game characters. Sure it’s nowhere near My Wife: A Wife Just For You in terms of severity but BioWare have expressed their interest in making a dating-only add on for Mass Effect 2. With all the ignorance towards videogames, I doubt the west would produce anything similar to these dating sims for fear of the media misinterpreting them. It’s not a genre that particularly interests me but I’m all for open-minded views towards gaming.

My Wife: A Wife Just For You goes on sale in Japan in August with voice changing DLC for the wives and additional costumes all coming shortly after.

{Thanks Andriasang}


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