Shenmue II heading to XBLA?

Okay, so this is only a rumour but still pretty cool if the speculations are correct. A game known only as Project Berkley 2 has been spotted by Xbox360Leaker on which is the debug version of our Xbox Live Marketplace. What’s the big deal you ask? Yu Suzuki’s wonderful Shenmue started life under the name Project Berkley causing Total Video Games ponder whether this sighting means Shenmue II will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade. If so it raises a few questions; why would this be on XBLA rather than Xbox Originals (since Shenmue II appeared on the first Xbox) and why would a game that sold less than 500K the first time around suddenly see a reappearance now? I, like all Ryo Hazuki fans have every possible digit crossed that it’s actually the fabled Shenmue III which is still said to be lingering in the vaults of Sega, ready for completion. The poor sales of both Dreamcast and Xbox versions had prevented Sega from finishing development but a release onto XBLA could make it worthwhile since costs to do so are far less releasing it on a disc. I would happily pay 1200 MS Points for such an offering, maybe even more, so I could finally see the conclusion to one of my favourite games of the last decade. Of course Project Berkley 2 could be ‘remastered’ version of Shenmue II or something else altogether but chances are, we’ll be seeing a new home for this Sega classic.


One thought on “Shenmue II heading to XBLA?

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