Chaos Rings hits App Store – Square games reduced in celebration

To sprinkle a bit more joy to Apple gamers and to celebrate the release of fully-fledged JRPG, Chaos Rings, to the App Store, Square Enix have once again lowered the price of all their iPhone games.

Song Summoner – £4.99
Final Fantasy I – £3.99
Final Fantasy II – £3.99
Crystal Defenders – £3.49
Final Fantasy XIII: Larger than Life Gallery – £3.49 (still too much!)
Hills and Rivers Remain – £2.99
Vanguard Storm – £2.39
Sliding Heroes – 59p

The sale lasts for two weeks and takes the sting out of Chaos Ring‘s £7.49 price tag. That may not bother Final Fantasy VII fans however since the character design of Chaos Rings is by FFVII art director Yusuke Naora who adds a comfortable familiarity to the protagonists. To recap, the game follows five two-member teams in a fighting tournament known as Arca Areina. Players control each of the teams individually, progressing through their personal stories as they struggle to find out why exactly they’ve been entered. All they know is that if they win, they’ll be blessed with eternal life. You can either attack individually or as a pair, gaining enemy DNA which is used to learn new magic attacks. If the early reviews on the App Store are anything to go by, Chaos Rings is a must buy but before you do, cast your eyes over Square’s cheaper back catalogue once again – you could get Final Fantasy I and Crystal Defenders for the same price.

{Thanks Pocket Gamer}


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