No war in Cybertron for Wii gamers

While Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers are readying themselves for war in the upcoming Transformers game, Wii owners may need less time to prepare. Joystiq discovered on the embargo smashing ESRB site a Wii game called Transformers: Cybertron Adventures. Sounding remarkably like the 360/PS3 version, they questioned an Activision rep who confirmed that it is indeed Transformers: War for Cybertron but with a name change for the Wii. At first I thought it could be similar in concept but with a more ‘parent friendly’ title but then the DS will still be getting a game called War for Cybertron, casting doubt on such a theory. Just what awaits Wii owners this summer when game is meant to be released? Something considerably less violent I’d imagine with a scaled down art style to match. Last year’s Wii Ghostbusters game received a similar treatment and sold comparatively well against its 360/PS3 counterparts so it’s no surprise that Activision want to do the same. A snappier title would have been nice though. Adventures in Cybertron sounds a bit fluffy to me…


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