After Burner Climax officially coming to consoles [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Kotaku confirmed the US/PAL release date for After Burner Climax being April 21st on Xbox Live and 22nd on PSN. Three planes, 20 missions and time-slowing abilities sounds pretty damn good for just under £7!

Original story posted 20th January 2010:

After Burner was an arcade game that hacked a place in our hearts thanks to the moving cabinet and insane playability. A rumour began snowballing online that the recent After Burner Climax will be ported to both Xbox 360 and PS3 as a downloadable game. That rumour has been deemed fact by Siliconera who found an announcement in this week’s Famitsu magazine. For 800 MS Points or around £6.80, players will get the full game – including an option to play After Burner II music – sometime in Spring. So far Japan is the only territory mentioned in the announcement but since it’s available for Xbox Live Arcade, it’s highly likely to come to Europe and the US too.


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