Quick review: Fox Vs Duck (iPhone)

Anyone who has a keen eye for design or appreciates the compulsive challenge of Doodle Jump will definitely find some enjoyment in Fox Vs Duck. The beautiful stylised characters which unsurprisingly consist of a plucky fox, chubby ducks and the lesser known red-faced fish, have a pleasingly minimal appearance complete with comedic animations. They inhabit a circular pond with a colour scheme reminiscent of a traditional Japanese painting and an audio score which is delightfully calming.

The idea is simple, a duck will drop onto the pond where you must tilt the iPhone to roll the feathered sphere away from the hungry fox and fish. Naturally the fox skips around the pond while the fish patrols beneath the surface. Once one duck is away safely another falls onto the pond and the cycle continues until a timer runs out. The more ducks saved the more time is added but if you carelessly loose a quacking compadre you’re punished by time being deducted – and the guilt of seeing the remains of a duck in a pool of blood. Don’t worry, the art style of Fox Vs Duck makes it an acceptable mess. Rocks and lily pads come and go providing additional obstacles while both fox and fish progressively speed up their efforts, hoping to feast upon one of your ducks. Add to this power-ups like time bonuses or speed pellets for the ducks and you’ve got yourself some fun, frantic and highly addictive gameplay. A survival game mode replaces the timer with a health bar of ducks but plays fundamentally the same as the challenge mode so it’s down to personal preference of how you like to be tested. OpenFeint functionality helps make comparing high scores with friends that much easier too.

For only 59p Fox Vs Duck is awesome. You may have to hold your iPhone fairly flat for the calibration to work at full potential but when you do, there’ll be no stopping your duck-saving heroics. Buy it now!

A highly commendable game with some truly exceptional moments.


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