Nintendo announced new handheld; The 3DS [UPDATE]

With the iPhone increasing in gaming popularity and the DS model being almost five years old, Nintendo needed to release a true successor instead of squeezing in a camera to an older model. And right out of the blue we get this announcement; Nintendo will launch the Nintendo 3DS sometime before March 2011 which displays its graphics in 3D – without the need for glasses. As many believed, the DSi is just a stopgap between the next iteration of handheld but I was quite surprised to read the news on GoNintendo this morning. The temporarily named 3DS will support all current DS/DSi software and is said to have a motion sensor, better graphics and 3D capabilities. The motion control is an expected addition but 3D? Wow, that could be something really special. More details will be announced at this years E3 on June 15th but until then, let the hyping commence!

UPDATE: The video found after the break shows a Japanese only DSiWare game called 3D Hidden Picture. The game uses the DSi’s cameras to monitor the handheld’s movements creating faux 3D images on screen. Kotaku are speculating that a similar concept could be used for the new 3DS only with better, affordable tech. We know it will have at least two cameras since its fully backwards compatible with DSi software. Nintendo wouldn’t dream of releasing a system that the ‘average consumer’ couldn’t afford so the 3DS will most likely be around the £150-180 mark, replacing the DSi/DSi XL’s price point. If 3D Hidden Picture is available now using 0.3 megapixel camera, then the 3DS could be outstanding. I can’t wait!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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