Mass Effect 2 paid DLC pricing and (rough) date

BioWare’s first game lengthening paid DLC, Kasumi’s Stolen Memory, has been given a price of 560 MS/BioWare Points or £4.76 in old money. Lasting roughly 90 minutes, the DLC follows a human thief of the female persuasion who takes Shepard on a two-man, er, two-person mission featuring a healthy dose of that sweet sweet ME2 combat. The release date is a little sketchy however as Joystiq points out. At first we were told it would be available from 6th April but now EA are stating an ‘early April’ timescale. With so many of those most likely to purchase the DLC already beaten the game, I wonder if a 90 minute mission would be of interest. Even more so when the Firewalker DLC pack comes out tomorrow. That offers five new escapades for Shepard and his crew as well as a hovering gun ship to pilot, all for free. But does this in fact reflect the quality of the missions if one character-focused mission costs just under five quid? Or maybe Kasumi’s Stolen Memory will be deeper and therefore richer in story, warranting the charge. I’m hoping it’s the latter as I’m eager to prolong the memory of Mass Effect 2, as I’m sure you are too.


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