Molyneux concerned at Fable III’s combat free start

Thanks to a little bit of self doubt and only 140 characters, we could see a very different start to Fable III. Top dog Peter Molyneux updated his twitter (via Eurogamer) with the line “Been playing the opening of Fable III. I am slightly worried that there is no combat for the first 30 mins. Is this too long? Thoughts.” So what are your thoughts? Since combat was something that drove me away from Fable II, providing some entertainment in the Fable universe via alternative methods sounds great to me. Of course it’s dependent on exactly what will be taking place during these 30 minutes but from earlier impressions, the game begins with Fable II‘s hero storming a castle at the age of 18. The act of touching is meant to play a major role in Fable III so maybe the first half hour will be full of bodily contact of some kind; scaling environments, moving objects or simply embracing a loved one. With such a diversity of gaming genres on offer today, it’s proven that combat isn’t as important as it once was and the Fable franchise excels at creating an immersive and charming environment. If we’re given 30 minutes of that, I doubt anyone will mind. 


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