Square’s next iPhone game is Chaos Rings

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Square Enix haven’t just embraced the iPhone as a gaming platform but grabbed it with both arms and planted a big wet kiss on its non-existant lips. Searching the App Store for Square games results in a plethora of titles and soon to be joining them is Chaos Rings, an RPG following five two-member teams in a fighting tournament known as Arca Areina. Players control each of the teams individually, progressing through their personal stories as they struggle to find out why exactly they’ve been entered. All they know is that if they win, they’ll be blessed with eternal life. Famitsu (via 1up) have a preview in this week’s issue saying “I was surprised at how smooth the 3D graphics were. I honestly didn’t think that the iPhone was capable of such pretty 3D visuals. The controls are also innovative — you can touch and drag your finger anywhere on the screen to move your characters around. It doesn’t rely on using one hand over the other, so it’s really easy to play.”

Square have always been able to push every system to its limits so it comes as no surprise that the iPhone receives a similar treatment. Combat sounds like it could be more than just point and attack from what Famitsu repots; “The strategic battle system is the most interesting part of the game. Your HP is refilled after each battle, but each individual fight is pretty intense. If you’re short on HP, you have to agonize over whether to attack solo or in pairs. It’s a lot of fun!” Another potential hit for portable role players then. Chaos Rings is still in development and is awaiting a release date but for now, check out this trailer from the official site.


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