Shepard could be in for some more ‘action’

Like the first game, Mass Effect 2 allowed for a bit of flirtatiousness between Shepard and his (I played as a guy) female crew, ultimately leading to a night of bumping uglies. Other than some awkward looking writhing that Shepard and his chosen lady can partake in after you complete the game, the lovin’ stops there. A recent Kotaku interview with BioWare chiefs Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka may change all that as the doctors liked Kotaku’s idea of adding more sex via DLC. Zeschuk even dubbed it as a ‘romance pack‘ that concentrated purely on relationships. “You know, It’s possible,” Said Zeschuk as he named a Dragon Age character and suggested there could be a “take Leliana on a date pack.” Muzyka stated “that is a pretty good idea,” and Zeschuk reassured that he’d mentioned it to the rest of BioWare adding “maybe we will.”


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